Cost Reduction Services

The procurement cost reduction service provided by LVy for customers can deal with large quantities of high-priced components in the customer's bill of materials and provide lower prices.

With a large global procurement network of suppliers and the ability to control mainstream electronic components, Lvy can help our customers quickly and effectively discover potential resources around the world and reduce procurement costs.

As we all know, in the electronic component distribution and procurement industry, the price of components is usually inseparable from the quantity purchased.

With a large number of customer resources, Lvy can effectively integrate customer needs and centralize procurement.

At the same time, due to the widespread regional price differences around the world, we can quickly discover price depressions with our powerful information platform.

Cooperating with the global large-scale EMS joint procurement, Lvy enjoys the direct priority supply and bargaining power of Yuanguang, and can maintain a stable supply channel in the case of tight material resources.

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